The 567 Method Review

Product Name: The 567 Method

Author Name: Ben Dawson

Official Website: CLICK HERE

From Just 6 Days Work And All Tax Free I’m Ben Dawson and in just a few weeks time I’ll be the guy who’s emails you cannot wait to receive each and every day. In the next 6 days I will show you how I consistently make £700 profit week in, week out betting on the horses.

Its pretty simple really.

  • 5 bets per day
  • 6 days per week (excluding Sundays)
  • £700 or more profit per week!

Over a 4 week month that’s £2,800 tax free or over a full year £36,400!

How Do I Do It??

“Well that is a secret that I am not willing to let out of the bag”… but what I am willing to do is give you the easiest way to profit from my method each and every week!

Here’s how simple I will make it…

1) You Join me
2) I email you in the morning or the night before the races, 6 days per week (Mon – Sat)
3) I include the very bets to place each day (all info in the email you will need)
4) You copy exactly that, and sit back and relax!!

Typical Example Of A Winning Week! [£746 Profit On DAY 1].

£1,746 sitting in my betting account. £746 of that is PROFIT achieved on DAY 1 of our betting week.

As you can see I bet at £100 bets. There is no need for you to do this yet and would expect you to start lower than this and build up gradually (more info provided inside the members area).

Even at £10 per point betting, you are looking at making £70 per week (which is £280 or 28pts per month).

Be Warned….This offer is only VALID for 1 week

At midnight on MONDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER this trial option will expire for good!!

So if you want to check out my method and pull in £700 profit per week now is the time to do so.

Why am I offering such a cheap trial?

2 reasons…

1) I want to prove to you that I can deliver you profits week in and week out.

2) I hope after doing this that you will be willing to join me for a longer term.

I’m not going to offer this for free either. Its just too good! So, an 8 week trial, long enough for me to prove 1 or 2 weeks in a row isn’t a fluke and short enough so that I’m not losing out.

The 567 Method FAQ:

What do my current clients think? see for yourself…

If this method is that good, why dont you just keep it to yourself and make thousands?

Firstly, I already make more than enough from my betting. Sharing this (in limited numbers) takes absolutely nothing away from the money I make using it. Secondly. I’m not the kind of person to BS you. I’m offering my service to make more money but like I said I’m not willing to just give this away! And I only want people who are serious about using it. so a cheap trial is the next best option. After the trial ends the prices will return to normal (see the original pricing options above)

I don’t live in the UK can this method be used overseas?

As long as you can back the UK horse racing you can use this method. Most bookies will still let you bet from within Europe but the best solution would be to set up a VPN, Virtual Private Network so your computer thinks its IP address is in the UK. This is the method I use when I travel and know a few other members do to. If you need more information please just email me (

What are the average odds of your selections?

Odds vary, as do the bets. 90% of the bet will be win only bets and odds will range from the occasional odds on favourite up to 12/1

What time will i receive your information?

The information will be sent out as soon as it’s ready. This too can vary from being the night before the racing all the way up to midday as some days I am waiting on information from sources at the tracks.

How do I sign up for a year?

Firstly, I do use this method to make me thousands.

First, complete your 8 week trial. After that there will be able time to join weekly, monthly or annually. (see the original pricing options above)

What bookmaker should i use?

I like but I do vary my bets around. Some bookies offer different types of bets which helps. So there will be some cases when a specific bookie like Paddy Power will be needed, but 90% of the bets can be placed at any bookies that takes a win bet. Do look around for the best odds and always spread your bets across multiple bookmakers (I will explain this in more detail when you join today).

Anymore questions? drop me a line []