WealthyTrader Review – Is Wealthy Trader Software Scam?

Are you looking for unbiased WealthyTrader review? Then you are at right place. In this review, I am going to share my experience with WealthyTrader software. I know the number of scam robots is increasing day by day and 9 out of 10 robots are a scam. So, it’s very difficult to find a working binary options robot. So if you are looking for a genuine binary options robot for trading, then it’s time to rejoice because finally there is a robot which you can trust. But what makes WealthyTrader app trustworthy? Well, read this WealthyTrader review till the end to know more about this system. In this review, I will share about my personal experience with Wealthy Trader app.

WealthyTrader is latest binary options robot that is designed to generate winning signals at a good rate. CEO of WealthyTrader, Nelson Roosen has created this revolutionary binary options robot by using her Market Analysis skills. He created this system especially for new traders who are still looking for a genuine way to make money. There are hundreds of success stories of WealthyTrader traders but what makes it that much great? Let’s find out!

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WealthyTrader Review – Scam Free Software!

90% Winning Rate Is Achievable!

WealthyTrader software has an average winning rate of 90%. Now many of you guys must be thinking that it’s very low as there are many robots which claim to have the winning rate of 100%. Sorry to say this but all of those robots are just a scam, and they make such fake claims to lure innocent traders into their trap. Most of the initial beta testers of WealthyTrader are reporting daily profits of $6,302.17 which is excellent. (Huge variation is because of different initial deposits and number of trades placed). Let’s accept the truth that no binary options robot can ever achieve that figure as no robot is resistant to little failures.

Supports Both Manual & Auto Trading

WealthyTrader supports both Auto Trading & Manual Trading. You can quickly switch from Manual Trading to Auto Trading or vice-versa. For experienced traders, undoubtedly manual trading is the best option as they can achieve slightly better winning rate by manually filtering the signals. Still, for novice traders, who don’t know much about binary options trading, Auto Trading mode is best as it will place trades automatically based on your recommended settings (Risk Level, Minimum Trade Amount, etc.).

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Is Nelson Roosen TrustWorthy?

Nelson Roosen is one of the well-known names in this industry unlike the owners of other scam systems. He has helped many poor guys in reaching their financial goals. His goal is to create an easy platform using which any trader can generate the good amount of profit. There are many articles about her in Wall Street Magazines. He has created this software on proven algorithm of the market sentiments. This type of algorithms is used in huge finance firms to generate winning signals.

User-Friendly Interface

Wealthy Trader has a very user-friendly interface. It is a cloud-based software which will run on any device with a working internet connection. Anyone can use it’s auto trading feature especially as all you need to do is to enable it’s auto trading feature, and it will take care of all further trades. Moreover, there is no need to check about trades placed in broker’s account as you can get all of those updates in your WealthyTrader dashboard directly. It is very easy to use and anyone can use it without any problem.

Is WealthyTrader A Scam?

There is no reason of WealthyTrader software being a scam. It is a real money making opportunity and I can assure you about that. I have personally tried WealthyTrader for few weeks and I’ve made good profits with this auto trader. Every claim and promise made by Kelly Wallace reflect truth. He has not made any exaggerated claim like most of the scam auto traders claim. Moreover, Kelly Wallace is a well-known name in the binary options industry.

You might not able to make thousands of $s per day initially, but gradually when you will increase risk level and minimum trade amount, those figures are achievable too. After all, Wealthy Trader is not a become millionaire overnight scheme.

My Experience With WealthyTrader System

I’ve personally tried Wealthy Trader for 1 week. As I was a little bit skeptical about this system earlier, so I decided to deposit minimum initial amount which is required to start using this system. I have made $6300 so far using this system and I am damn sure that you can make the good amount of profits using this system too.

Update: My net profit in last month is over $18,000 with Wealthy Trader system. It’s performing exceptionally well.

Pricing & How To Join?

WealthyTrader app is totally free to use but to start trading initially, you need to fund broker’s account with minimum $250. Just follow below steps to join this app.

  1. First of all, Visit official website of WealthyTrader app – wealthy-trader.co
  2. Enter your E-mail address in the form which is located on the right side of web page and click on “Start Making Money Now
  3. Enter Your Name, Password, and Phone Number to complete the registration process.
  4. Now, Wealthy Trader will assign the best broker for you by checking your geographical location.
  5. All you need to do is to fund broker’s account with an initial deposit of minimum $250.
  6. Start making money via WikiTrader.


Final Verdict – WealthyTrader Is Genuine Trading App! Join Now!


Note that WealthyTrader is not available in many countries like United States, Canada, India. So if you are not able to join WealthyTrader software, then you can try joining Monaco Treasure software.

Final Words:

Wealthy Trader is undoubtedly a genuine trading app that is designed to help traders who can’t risk their money. We personally believe that it is going to be a revolutionary software of this year. Average ITM Rate of 90% is exceptionally good as well. You can make good amount of profit in a week by using signals provided by WealthyTrader. You can check out our top 5 recommended signals here.

If you have any query about Wealthy Trader app, then post it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share your results below. Subscribe to our blog newsletter to receive updates about latest binary options scams.