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What Is The Shogun Method eBook By Derek Rake?You must Read The Shogun Method Program Review.Scam or Work? Great,My Honest The Shogun Method Book Before PDF Download Free.

Product Name : The Shogun Method

Author Name : Derek Rake

Bonus : Yes

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Hi every men here discover How To Use Military-Grade Mind Control Technology To Dominate A Woman And Enslave Her Emotionally The Fastest Way To Seduce A Woman Is To Control Her Mind: The Shogun Method Shows You How.This could well be the fastest Method to make a woman fall in love with a man that ever discovered, bar none…… and yet very few even know of its existence. Even the leading gurus and “Pickup Artists” have no idea.This program During the three years Derek Rake was in the group He completely immersed himself in Mind Control techniques, and He ended up formulating a step-by-step Method on how to use stealthy Mind Control techniques on women to generate raw, almost animalistic attraction to him.This Method is built around this one very fundamental (and yet little-known) truth about women.

What Is The Shogun Method?

The Shogun Method is step by step comprehensive guide program is the world’s one and only seduction system built on military-grade Mind Control technology. if you have the ability to evoke a certain ‘hot’ emotion inside a woman, then she will feel immediate attraction for you without the need for her to consciously think about it.Therefore, with the right approach, you can exploit this flaw inside a woman’s mind to your advantage…In particular, with Mind Control tactics, you will have the power to hack into her mind, push her Attraction Buttons and BRUTE FORCE her to be attracted to you. And when that happens, she will fall in love with you, and she won’t even have a choice about it.Introducing Shogun Method reddit™: Hardcore Mind Control Seduction Tactics Now Handed To You On A Silver Platter.With Shogun Method, you will be using cutting edge Mind Control techniques to directly access her mind, push those red hot Attraction Buttons and make her fall in love with you as quickly as possible.At the same time, you will covertly bypass her emotional defense mechanism, making it virtually impossible for her to reject you.

Special Information About The Shogun Method:

Shogun Method is ideal for…

  • Guys who want unlimited power over women and the ability to make them fall in love at will.
  • Guys who want to generate attraction instantly without having to rely on lame pickup lines and “openers”
  • Guys who are sick and tired of dating advice ebooks which are ambiguous, confusing, and require unnecessary work
  • Guys looking to turn a casual friend or co-worker into a devoted lover… and get her to be physically and emotionally addicted to them
  • Guys who want to get out from the dreaded “friend zone”… and get into the “lover zone”
  • Guys wanting to get their ex-girlfriends (or wives) back and never to see her leave again
  • Guys looking to improve the relationship with their girlfriends by knowing exactly how they think and feel
  • Guys who want to have choices and date multiple women at the same time without the drama, confusion and headache
  • Guys who are getting back into the game and want to sharpen dating skills with the best attraction techniques, bar none.


What You Will Discover From The Shogun Method Modules?

You’ll get lifetime access to videos, audios and study guides (all in digital, downloadable format) as well as free program upgrades for the next three (3) years

  • Module 1: Fractionation: The grand-daddy of all Mind Control and extreme persuasion methods, Fractionation is what the pro’s use to make a woman fall in love: in as little as 15 minutes. The Shogun Method contains the most comprehensive guide to Fractionation ever developed.

  • The Fractionation module comes with a downloadable Companion Guide on the ‘Rollercoaster’ storytelling technique. Combining Fractionation with the Rollercoaster technique is like injecting a good dose of steroidsinto your seduction game – there’s nothing else quite like it!
  • Module 2: Three Preconditions: The Shogun Method only work for you if you obey the Three Preconditions described in this module. Find out what the Preconditions are, and why they are absolutely crucial to your success. If you have not been getting the results that you wanted with women, the chances are that you’ve been (unknowingly) violating one (or all!) of these Preconditions.
  • Module 3: Flaws In The Female Mind: There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that the Shogun Method is designed to be manipulative! The reason the Method works so well is that it exploits and manipulates the psychological flaws which are naturally found inside the female mind. In this module, you’ll learn what these flaws are, and how to manipulate them to your benefit.
  • Module 4: The IRAE Model Welcome to the heart of the Shogun Method™ action! The IRAE Model is the “gut” of the Shogun Method™ – it is the definitive, 4-stage roadmap you can use to seduce any woman from start to finish: Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction and Enslavement (“IRAE“).
  • Module 5: Intrigue: Generating Intrigue is the first step of seduction in the IRAE Model. If you’re choosing to obtain just one seduction superpower inside the Shogun Method™ – then it should be the ability to capture a woman’s attention with Intrigue. This module will show you how to do exactly that.
  • Module 6: Rapport: Trying to attract a woman without first building rapport is a classic newbie mistake. In the “Rapport” stage of the IRAE Model, you’ll get industrial strength Mind Control rapport building tactics that will make a woman eat out of your hands absolutely in no time at all.
  • Module 7: Attraction: Once you’ve laid the foundations of Intrigue and Rapport, it’s time to kick into high gear and start to Attract her. Inside the Shogun Method™, you’ll only need two (yes, two) techniques to make a woman attracted to you. Learn what these two techniques are, and how you can use them in a simple, step-by-step roadmap inside the Attraction Development Model (ADM).
  • Module 8: Enslavement: T he first three stages of the IRAE Model (Intrigue, Rapport and Attraction) are about making a woman fall in love. The fourth stage, Enslavement, is about making a woman stay in love. If you want to dominate and control a woman for life, then these one-of-a-kind Enslavement techniques are what you need.The Black Rose Sequence is the single most powerful hypnotic pattern ever developed, and is the heart of the Shogun Method’s Enslavement module.

Bonus Package:

  • MKDELTA Mastermind.
  • Derek Rake Insider Labs.
  • One-On-One Coaching & Premium VIP Support.


  • The complete set of 8 modules in digital format (streaming videos, audio MP3s, PDF reports, Fast Action checklists).
  • Personalized coaching service where I will get all my questions answered by Derek Rake (valid for one (1) full year).
  • Every major program upgrade valid for three (3) years from time of purchase.
  • Lifetime access to the DerekRakeHQ platform with weekly client-only premium content, freebies and vouchers.
  • 60-day money back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked.
  • A personal client manager assigned to my account (and on-call 7 days a week) to help me make full use of SonicSeduction.
  • Newly Added! Lifetime access to our MKDELTA mastermind and the Derek Rake Insider Labs


  • The Shogun Method is available only here without internet connection you can’t access it.



I highly recomended The Shogun Method for every men to approach women, or to seduce a woman who is already familiar with you. It works great in both situations.A large portion of our customer base use the Shogun Method to control, dominate and emotionally enslave women who are already in their lives (i.e. women they are already seeing, or girlfriends or wives who are threatening to leave them). To them, the Rapport, Attract and Enslavement modules are most useful. Alternatively, if meeting new women is your goal, then you should focus more on the Intrigue modules as well as the Fractionation technique.

The Shogun Method eBook Review - PDF Free Download

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