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Product Name : Stroke Of Genius

Author Name : Cassidy Lyon

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Stroke-Of-Genius-Review By Cassidy Lyon

Stroke Of Genius Review:

Hey Women here learn Why Men lie about handjobs?Why men never tell you what feels good?How to know if a guy likes how you touch him?Men aren’t enjoying a hj unless he does this?“Stroke Of Genius” (or SOG as we say internally) is a step-by-step training that teaches even the shyest woman how to give her husband, boyfriend or any man she chooses a toe-curling, eye-clenching HAND JOB that turns even the biggest “tough guy” into a loving and satisfied commitment-puppy.The program is by Cassidy Lyon She reveals something I’ve been wondering about for YEARS and reveals a secret about MEN and SEX I literally NEVER thought of before. It’s a damned-good program (“way better than most of the crap folks pass off as info products these days” with a feminist message for women encouraging them to claim their sexual power.

Description Of Stroke Of Genius:

Stroke Of Genius this comprehensive step by step guide program will teach you an incredible secret about men and hand jobs that has been hidden from you for years.The truth about men’s bodies.This program teach you The truth about how to truly sexually please a man.The truth about why men grit their teeth and say “that feels great” to women when inside they are screaming in agony and begging you to stop And the truth about how to make any man emotionally and physically addicted to using nothing but your hands even if you feel completely incompetent when it comes to pleasuring a man this special way now.With this program You’re About To Learn An Incredible Method Any Woman Can Use To Give Any Man The Most Intense Pleasure Of His Life… Without Even Taking Off Your Clothes.This program is the result of over a year of surprisingly strenuous work… testing, teasing, recruiting friends, interviewing guys.

It teach you the Six Secret Phases of an incredible hand job that all men instinctively know but women can only guess at.These 6 simple steps completely demystify the process of male arousal and release.Lay out a roadmap to his guaranteed incredible pleasure and devotion…
And give you a sexual superpower:The ability to bring any man to the most intense growling, roaring, back-arching, toe-curling orgasm of his life. In just two short minutes Or, if you’re feeling naughty.


What You Will Discover From Stroke Of Genius?

  • In this revolutionary step-by-step guide system You’ll be able to draw out his pleasure
  • Wide-eyed and astonished gratitude And agonizing desperation For two hours or more.
  • Giggling inside as he twitches and writhes at your touch.
  • This program teach you how to give him a hand job and tries to paw at your pants and have sex with you the moment you touch him by the “Hands Off Handjob Agreement”.
  • You will allow him to simply receive pleasure from you while feeling completely psychologically safe for the first time in his life.

  • Here you will get The most comprehensive collection of tastefully illustrated and explained strokes and hand job techniques ever collected.
  • From Tantra, to erotic films to ancient methods developed by the Egyptians and Greeks you’ll learn astonishing new ways to pleasure your man.
  •  Like the “The Kiss Of The Fingernails” technique which inspires an instant, throbbing erection in seconds while barely touching him at all.


  • 50 Intimacy Ideas.
  • Naughty Girl’s Toy Chest.
  • The Handjob Interviews.


Advantages Of Stroke Of Genius:

  • This program’ll teach you the secret of “Soft Pleasure Method” and how to have a man, twitching, gasping and feeling like his skin is on fire without ever getting even remotely “hard” at all.
  • You’ll learn the Tantalizing Twister which makes even a “tough guy” feel like he’s been swept up in a tornado and delivered to orgasmic Oz.
  • The Tip Swirl and EXACTLY how to touch his sensitive glans to build heat and firethrough his whole body.
  • The “Two Hands On The Wheel” Technique not even the “toughest” man can endure for more than 35 seconds.
  • The “Rub-A-Tug” method… why most women make a grave mistake by ignoring a man’s testicles.
  • Cassidy Lyon teach you how to use the “Prostate Percolator” to rub and tease his prostate, introducing him to new levels of masculine pleasure without ever having to even think about touching his butt.
  • With the “Scaling The Mountain” method you’ll instantly hit the “pause button” on his orgasm… and giggle with glee as his penis twitches and seems to almost REACH for your suddenly absent hand.
  • You’ll use “The Accordion Technique” to give him a non-ejaculatory “mini orgasm”.
  • The “Full Body Hand Job” Method which allows you hypnotically convince him that his WHOLE BODY is an extension of his penis.
  • Cassidy Lyon going to give you the “Piano Man” technique.Which allows you to use a particular rhythmic pattern with your fingers.
  • The “Victoria’s Secret Handjob” and how to make him psychologically addicted to you using your bra.
  • The “Nook And Cranny” method that has brought hundreds of men to tears and guarantees he’ll cast you in every erotic fantasy he has for the rest of his life.
  • The “Dr. Spock” technique that provides an almost “alien” sensation he’s simply never felt before.
  • Stroke of Genius The Ultimate Handjob Handbook comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

Disadvantages Of Stroke of Genius:

  • Consistency is the key to success. You have to be consistent to maximize this program.
  • Stroke of Genius book is in PDF format and there is no hard copy.


Bottom Line:

Stroke of Genius Cassidy always thought she was GREAT at giving handjobs 
Then one time a guy she was seeing came out of the bathroom with tears in his eyes and said “Cassidy, look what you did to my dick.”What happened next?

You can hear the whole story by watching this absolutely insane video. 
But be warned once you watch this and learn the SECRET about handjobs and masculine sexual pleasure men have been lying to you about for years you’ll never look at or think about a “simple handjob” the same way.There’s a section in this program where Cassidy Lyon explains what goes through a man’s mind when you give him a handjob. That 37 second section alone is worth you stopping whatever you’re doing and watching this video RIGHT NOW.


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