Betting Consultant Review

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I’m sure you’ve heard bold claims like this before – so called “automated betting systems” that ENSURE you’ll make hundreds of thousands of pounds. Well, here’s the truth – any betting software is a complete SCAM! A computer cannot predict the outcome of a race. There is no pattern or algebraic formula, only good human observation and expertise.

That’s what I’m offering you today – The Sharpest Betting Mind In The Business!

What Is Betting Consultant?

Just take a moment to think about how you’re going to spend that generous amount of cash…

If you have limited experience with betting – don’t worry! All the hardwork is done for you. In fact, you’ll need to work for less than 10 minutes per day!

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I suppose it’s about time I introduced myself and shared with you a little about my decades of experience in horse racing…

Firstly, my name’s Gareth Jones. Nice to meet you!

I was introduced to betting at a fairly young age. My earliest memories of my father are of him being an avid punter. Week in, week out he’d be off to the bookies at any given opportunity. These memories are fond ones for me as he’d almost always take me along, if I wasn’t in school. I’d get to spend time with him and his friends and almost invariably one of them would have a bag of sweets for me, or a bar of chocolate.

The way in which my father placed bets was entirely random. He’d pick a horse on a whim, flip a coin or ask a pretty girl in the local pub who she thought would win. As far as my father was concerned, there was no skill to betting – it was a game of luck and he loved every minute of it.

My mother, however, wasn’t so enthusiastic. With far more losses than wins she’d say he was throwing our money down the drain.

When I was a little older, my father would take me to the racetrack. I’d observe the horses; their physical state of health and fitness, their unique movements and the relationship they had with their rider. It was then that I realized that there was some skill to betting on the horses – it was more than just a game of chance.

I began to advise my dad on how to bet and, more often than not, my tips would pay off. It was then that he began calling me his Golden Boy!

As the years went on I became more and more interested in horse racing and took a part time job at the local betting shop when I was at college. I’d observe the betting behavior of the punters and how they could easily be led by the bookie or by offhand comments.

When I was old enough to place bets myself I did so, based on everything I’d learned and observed from my years at the race tracks, working at the bookies and even some of the personal relationships I’d formed with industry insiders. It wasn’t long before I made enough money to quit that job and survive on my winnings.

After a while however, I began to feel as though my life was without purpose. I wasn’t working towards anything or helping anyone… that’s when I decided to become a freelance betting consultant! (And I could charge A LOT for my services).

Over the past twenty years I’ve helped tens of wealthy business men and bored housewives to become vastly more wealthy with the help of my consulting. It’s a thrill to them – they don’t really NEED the money.

But now, I want to offer my services to the average, working class punter. I want to give YOU a taste of the kind of wealth that my clients enjoy. And the first 50 punters to sign up to my service will do so for a ONE-TIME only fee of £26.99… that’s how much I want to help!

I’m only allowing 50 punters to join my betting group for this discounted one-time only fee. By the time you’ve finished reading this page, many of those places may already have been claimed.

Thousands of people in your position would kill for an opportunity like this, so if you want to be the punter with the golden ticket then you need to SIGN UP NOW!

And what’s more this is 100% Risk-Free. If you’re not satisfied with the profits I make you then you are backed by ClickBank’s 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Money like this will change life for you and your family, forever.

Leaving this page will mean that you won’t be winning over £6,500 this month. Instead you’ll be returning to the same old life, doing the same old job.

Do the smart thing today!

And I’ll see you in the members’ area!

Best regards,

Gareth Jones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive betting tips daily?

Yes. Betting predictions for the day’s races will be sent to your inbox every morning.

Will my membership expire after a period of time?

No. If you are one of the first 50 through the door then as soon as you sign up for £26.99, you will be an exclusive member for life!

Will my horse always place first?

Inevitably I am only human and so I cannot get things right 100% of the time but I am right MOST of the time. My customers have said that their horses place first anywhere from 75% to 90% of the time and you’re guaranteed to make at least £80,000 per year from daily betting.

How many bets should I place per day?

You can reach your target of £80,000 per year by placing just 2-4 bets per day, but if you’d like to win more then feel free to place more bets.

How do I contact you for further information?

You’ll be put in contact with my highly trained customer service team but if you’d like to speak to me directly then place a request to do so.

Betting Consultant Review